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Back-to-school season is in full swing and busy moms are scrambling for new ideas on how to spice up those brown bag lunches. Luckily,, a major retailer of bulk nuts and nut products, has some tips to help any busy mom give their student a healthy lunch with tons of flavor - without having to go nuts!


Moms everywhere are feeling the crunch of the back-to-school season. With book bags to check, school clothes to iron, and schedules to figure out, who has time to tackle the task of packing a healthy lunch? Luckily, has some tips and tricks to help busy moms get through back-to-school season without going totally "nuts" over packing the perfect meal., a leading retailer of bulk roasted nuts and dried fruits, has some great ideas on how to keep your student nourished and healthy during the school year without having to fall back on those boring bologna sandwiches. You can give your child something healthy and great-tasting without having to spend tons of time or money. Here are a few of's ideas for making the most of your child's school lunch. 


Lunch #1: Make your child's lunch an instant classic by packing a peanut butter and banana sandwich on whole grain bread instead of PB&J. The fresh fruit is healthy and tasty, plus, banana is an expected treat. Want to boost the flavor even more? Add some fresh cut strawberries. For sides, serve up a yogurt and some fresh carrot sticks. And don't forget to include some milk, juice, or water!


Lunch #2: Looking for an instant way to spice up the classic sammy? Then try making pin wheel sandwiches. Just take your favorite sandwich fillings and put them onto a whole wheat tortilla. Cream cheese, spreadable cheese, fruit, veggies, nut butters, jelly, lunch name it. Then, roll the tortilla and slice it across to form pinwheels. Use toothpicks to keep messy slices from falling apart. It's a fun change and you still get to make your child's favorite sandwich - just with a twist! Pack along an apple or fruit cup and some low salt pretzels. Milk, juice, or water completes the meal. 


Lunch #3: Leftover lettuce and salad fixings can make for a delicious and healthy lunch. Start off with a base of spinach, romaine, or other lettuce and then add your salad toppings! Keep things flavorful and healthy by using dried fruits, nuts, and fresh veggies. Add a bit of low fat cheese (if your child likes) or maybe some leftover grilled chicken. Then, pack along some low fat dressing.  For sides, include some sliced kiwi and strawberries and some roasted peanuts. To finish, add a drink of milk, juice, or water. It's that simple - and delicious!


Don't think we forgot about snack time! We know that busy kids need something to munch on between classes, practices, and study sessions, so we've prepared a few suggestions on how you can keep your student going without having to worry about staying healthy. 


Snack #1: Send along homemade trail mix! To make this simple and totally yummy treat, mix together Marcona almonds, roasted peanuts, some dried fruits, and chocolate pieces. Then, add in fun ingredients like toasted coconut, pumpkin seeds, or pretzels. For a savory mix, skip the sweets and add spicy Wasabi peas. The possibilities are endless! Plus, trail mix is packed with lean protein and flavor to keep your student going at his or her best. 


Snack #2: Spice up snack time by switching out peanut butter for pistachio butter. It's yummy, fun, and a creative change to your child's favorite condiment with apples and celery. Totally yummy! Pistachio butter also pairs well with crackers, pretzels, and other crunchy snacks. Did we mention that it's also loaded with healthy fats and amino acids? 


Snack #3: Make snack time fun by using a small cookie cutter to create some fun food shapes! Use it on fruits or cheese and then pack along some crackers. It's a fun way to get a balanced snack. Plus, you have the freedom to choose from TONS of different foods!With any luck, these back-to-school recipes will keep students powered with enough energy to tackle any class! For more recipes and healthy back to school snacks, be sure to check out 


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