Eat More nuts Encourages Resolution Dieters to Eat More Nuts

In the wake of millions making New Year's resolutions,, a leading supplier of bulk nuts, is encouraging those who have goals of getting healthier in 2011 to try adding more nuts to their diets.  In recent years, nuts have been shown to have numerous health benefits, even aiding in weight loss.


Although New Year's celebrations have come and gone, the resolutions to get healthier in 2011 are only just beginning. For most people, the start of a new year can be a great motivator to approach life with a clean slate; to get on track with a healthier lifestyle. Losing weight and getting healthier is year after year one of the most popular New Year's resolutions and, a leading bulk nut supplier, is helping dieters meet their 2011 goals by providing bulk nuts that are ideal for incorporating into a healthy diet plan. 


Nuts have long been reputed to be part of a healthy diet, but more recent research is showing that nuts can do more than just provide protein. According to the Mayo Clinic, eating nuts can help your heart by enriching your diet with unsaturated fatty acids and nutrients. Most studies on people who eat nuts as part of a heart-healthy diet have found that nuts can lower LDL, or "bad", cholesterol and reduce the risk of developing blood clots. Plus, many nuts are packed with healthy nutrients, including lean protein, calcium, magnesium, potassium, omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, vitamin E, and l-arganine.  When incorporated into a diet plan, nuts have also been shown to help with managing hunger, weight control, and even in some cases, weight loss by replacing many foods that are high in saturated fat. However, it's important to know that nuts can be high in calories, and are best consumed as a snack or as a small part of meal.


According to the Food and Drug Administration, eating about a handful (1.5 ounces) a day of most nuts, such as almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts, pecans, pistachios, or walnuts is best. Those who want to start adding more nuts to their diets can try some of the following tips:

1.) Try sprinkling nuts into cereal, salad, or oatmeal. They add flavor as well as nutritional value in the form of nutrients and body-powering protein.

2.) Make your favorite fruit smoothie using almond milk instead of regular milk. 

3.) Baking with nuts can be easy. Try tossing in some nuts with just about any batter. There are many recipes out there that can show you how to incorporate nuts into breads, muffins, cookies, and bars. 

4.) Bread lean meats, like boneless skinless chicken breast, with nuts for flavorful crust that's packed with protein. 

5.) Make it a habit to keep nuts in your car, desk, or bag. They can be great for snacking on between meals, on breaks, after workouts, or on the go. 

Nuts are simply one of the best things a dieter can incorporate into his or her weight loss plan for the New Year.  Learn more about the benefits and varieties of nuts available at 


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