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Summertime isn’t over yet and if you’re looking for the perfect way to cool down, try reaching for a creamy bowl of ice cream with your favorite toppings., an online retailer of bulk nuts, candy, dried fruit, and ice cream toppings has some great tips for planning an ice cream social this summer. Share the experience with a few friends or even your entire neighborhood!

In July, we celebrated National Ice Cream month, but with August right around the corner, who says that you still can’t sweeten up an occasion with a little ice cream?  Ice cream socials are a great way to have fun with friends, family, or even your entire community. With a little help from, you can be sure to have an ice cream social that won’t soon be forgotten., a leading retailer of bulk nuts, candies, and ice cream toppings, is proud to offer its expanded line of treats to help you furnish your ice cream bar just in time for the social. Choose from tons of bulk nuts, dried fruits, peanut butter toppings, chocolate candies, jelly beans, and more to find the perfect toppings for completing your sundaes.

In addition to offering a great selection of ice cream toppings, also has a few tips you can use when planning an ice cream social. Here are’s best ice cream social planning tips:

1.) Always serve up the classic flavors. Chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla ice creams are classic for a reason. These flavors can prove to be the most versatile when you’re planning an ice cream social, plus, everyone is bound to find a taste they love.

2.) Coconut, chocolate pieces, sprinkles, nuts, dried fruits, cherries, marshmallow, peanut butter, fudge, caramel, and cookies – oh my! Going heavy on the topping options makes it easy to create a delicious ice cream treat. Just don’t forget the whipped cream!

3.) Want to make your ice cream social an elegant affair with just a few friends? Then turn back the clock and look at Victorian ice cream socials for some inspiration. Think pink pinstripes, barbershop quartets, and white gloves. Serve up some lemonade or punch in your Grandma’s glasses and enjoy some homemade ice cream complete with tea cookies or shortbreads. Great as a bridal shower, baby shower, or girls’-day- in idea!

4.) Want your ice cream social to include the whole neighborhood? Try organizing the affair as a block party or in a local community center. You can make your ice cream social an affair to remember with a sock hop theme, so bust out the leather jackets, poodle skirts, and doo wop tunes while you serve up sundaes and soda floats! Perfect as a wedding reception theme, fundraiser, school dance, or community event!

5.) Presentation makes perfect. Any ice cream social can instantly be made yummier when you take the time to consider presentation. Make sure the ingredients are kept from melting and are always crisp, fresh, and ready to be served. Put someone in charge of managing the ice cream bar so that you’re never stuck with melted candy pieces and drippy ice cream.

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