Reforesting The Tropics

Superior Nut Company Reforesting The Tropics

Superior Nut Company, a retailer of bulk nuts, dried fruits, and candies, is putting a focus on environmentally sustainable business by reforesting Costa Rica. The purpose of the company's forests is to balance the CO2 emissions that the Superior Nut Company plant, trucks, and cars produce while emphasizing environmental education.

(Cambridge, MA)-  For many of us, climate change is a subject we're well acquainted with.

Over the course of the past decade, climate change and global warming has appeared at the forefront of most news media, not to mention, industry. Companies are being urged now more than ever to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions or change their business practices to make them more environmentally sustainable.

Carbon dioxide, or CO2, has been recognized as an environmental stressor for decades. Produced both naturally through the carbon cycle and by the human activities of burning fossil fuels, CO2 contributes to changes in climate by impacting the amount of radiation coming into and leaving the Earth's atmosphere. As a greenhouse gas, CO2 absorbs and emits heat, causing the atmosphere to warm, which can potentially cause problems in delicate eco-systems dependent on a steady climate.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), in 2005, global atmospheric concentrations of CO2 reached levels 35% higher than what was present before the Industrial Revolution.  The EPA contributes this rise to the increase in the burning of oil, coal and gas, and deforestation. 

Conscious of the effects of CO2 and committed to doing business in an environmentally-sustainable manner, Superior Nut Company ( has developed an educational program to make its commitment to social responsibility a reality.

Together with non-profit organization, Reforest The Tropics, Inc., the initiative provides education in forestry and the role of forests in global warming to students in both the United States and Costa Rica. Since 1997, Superior Nut Company has worked with Reforest The Tropics to analyze its emissions of carbon dioxide and fund forest plantations in Costa Rica designed to absorb its carbon dioxide emissions for decades. Superior Nut Company was the first company in New England to establish new tropical forests to compensate for its carbon emissions in this manner.

With the educational program component, Superior Nut Company works to instill a spiritual faith of environmentalism in youth so that students may instinctively take care of the earth, without hesitation. In July, 22 Latin Students from EARTH University made a visit to one of Superior Nut Company's forests as part of the program.

The bulk nuts retailer is committed to environmentally-friendly business practices and continues to work with Reforest The Tropics to be an example for businesses within the United States.

About Superior Nut Company

Since 1929, Superior Nut Company has provided small businesses, large companies, and individuals with delicious bulk nuts, dried fruits, and candies. With a large selection of its products available at, Superior Nut Company offers quality gourmet foods at a price that is accessible for any home, any budget. With its Reforest The Tropics program, Superior Nut Company is focused on the environment as well as educating the youth about the effects of deforestation. To learn more about Superior Nut Company and its initiatives, visit or call 800-295-4093.


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